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2023 Voice Issues

The old voice box took a beating in 2022 and took on a persistent hoarseness through the first eight months of 2023. An operation in the spring of 2022 entailed a breathing tube and I was hoarse for about a month. Later that spring I got a chunk of meat caught in my throat which necessitated an ER visit and compelled me finally to address a life-long issue, a little defect in the esophagus known as a Zenker's diverticulum.

In November 2022, I had throat surgery on the diverticulum, which seems to have been a success, except for a mild case of pneumonia that kept me hospitalized for an extra couple of days. But this time the hoarseness did not go away after a few weeks. I figured that it would be just another few weeks but January came and went. In July I finally went back to see my surgeon. He stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat and showed me a photo of the old voice box which had gotten old and worn out and no longer closed when not in use the way it did when it was young and strong. He suggested speech therapy.

Meanwhile I have gone off my music routine. My near-daily mandolin sessions lapsed to a couple of times a month. I never got around to making the music videos which I normally would have recorded around Christmas and St. Paddy's Day and maybe later in the spring. I kept my winter beard all summer in hopes of having it available for a video or two.

So in August I met with a speech pathologist. She got me started with some yelling exercises. By late September, I finally recorded This Ole House in two parts, and was able at long last to part with the beard and get cleaned up in time to attend a September 30 wedding.

The clean look is here: Dave dressed for wedding 30-Sep-2023
Dave dressed for wedding 30-Sep-2023

Those bearded videos are here:

— Dave Butler

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