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I no longer share an e-mail address on most of my current web pages, as of January, 2015, in order to cut down on the unwanted e-mail messages (spam) I receive from people and web robots (bots) that harvest addresses from web sites like mine. My latest business e-mail address, along with a number of obsolete addresses, is still easy to find, but the best way to reach me quickly is to send me a message via the above form. Since my business e-mail address has gotten swamped with spam, messages sent there might easily escape my notice. A message sent via this "Contact Me" form will generate an e-mail message to a relatively spam-free address that I check more frequently. Should you wish to send me an attachment, please ask me first via this form.


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I learned how to code this "Contact Me" page, in January, 2015, thanks to the generous folks at Free Contact Form, who share these instructions at no cost:




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