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April 2003

No new tunes here, I'm sorry to say. The only thing new is the BandInABox format files for my Aug 1996 Beatles sequences, 12 tunes now available in zipped format, biab1996.zip (208k). My reggae version of the Twelve Days of Christmas is included as a bonus.

Winter Holiday Update

My 1994 sequences of multicultural holiday tunes, which have been available only as a set of 59 files, are now available separately on the dbut holiday tune page.

Released 8-26-96

original sequences by dbut using Band-in-a-Box accompaniment software

a dozen songs the Beatles covered but did not write

the beatles

  • Act Naturally TEXT | MIDI (53K) 1963 by Johnny Russell and Vonie Morrison
  • Anna TEXT | MIDI (51K) 1962 by Arthur Alexander
  • Bad Boy TEXT | MIDI (65K) 1959 by Larry Williams
  • Boys TEXT | MIDI (72K) 1960 by Luther Dixon & Wes Farrell
  • Dizzy Miss Lizzie TEXT | MIDI (82K) 1958 by Larry Williams
  • Kansas City TEXT | MIDI (62K) 1952 by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
  • Long Tall Sally TEXT | MIDI (68K) 1956 by Enotris Johnson, Richard Penniman and Robert Blackwell
  • Money (That's What I Want) TEXT | MIDI (54K) 1959 by Berry Gordy & Janie Bradford
  • Rock and Roll Music TEXT | MIDI (102K) 1957 by Chuck Berry
  • Twist and Shout TEXT | MIDI (116K) 1960 by Bert Russell & Phil Medley
  • Words of Love TEXT | MIDI (119K) 1957 by Buddy Holly
  • You Really Got A Hold On Me TEXT | MIDI (36K) 1962 by William 'Smokey' Robinson
  • Band-in-a-Box

    For users of Band-in-a-Box (software by PG Music), here is my pop song collection prior to Aug 96 (all the songs listed below on this page, except holiday tunes) in BIAB format, four parts:

  • A to F (b_b03961.zip) 102K
  • G to K (b_b03962.zip) 145K
  • L to R (b_b03963.zip) 198K
  • S to Z (b_b03964.zip) 169K
  • The files listed below are currently available individually but not in ZIP form:

    11/11/95 MIDI sequences by dbut:

    Oo la la la ta, ta ta ta, La la la la. Oo la la la ta, ta ta ta, La la. One of my favorite albums by the Rolling Stones was Flowers. I think this was a compilation of hits previously release on other albums. The first five of the following songs appeared on this album, and were copyrighted in 1966, the year dbut entered his teen years. Already tuned in to Dylan and the Beatles, not to mention Edie Piaf and the Kingston Trio, dbut turned on to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention -- yes even in Wichita Kansas we were freaking out. The sardonic and sarcastic bad boys of rock made a deep impression with lyrics such as the above chorus from from Take It or Leave It.

  • Take It or Leave It TEXT | MIDI (46K) 1966 by M Jagger & K Richards
  • Sittin on a Fence TEXT | MIDI (49K) 1966 by M Jagger & K Richards
  • Ride On Baby TEXT | MIDI (99K) 1966 by M Jagger & K Richards
  • Out of Time TEXT | MIDI (89K) 1966 by M Jagger & K Richards
  • Mother's Little Helper TEXT | MIDI (97K) 1966 by M Jagger & K Richards
  • Time is on My Side TEXT | MIDI (31K) 1963 by Jerry Ragovoy
  • Tell Me (You're Coming Back) TEXT | MIDI (73K) 1964 by M Jagger & K Richards
  • old stuff from dbut

    Here are some MIDI files I sequenced Jan-Apr 1995 & posted to newsgroup alt.binaries.sounds.midi & AOL. I used Band-in-a-Box Pro Win 6.03 to generate drums, bass, guitar & other accomp. My live, non- quantized, strictly amateur, piano playing is recorded on the Melody track. Files over 80k have size indicated. Titles are listed in these formats: 1 TEXT, 2 MIDI

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