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As of January 2015, I am still a relative newcomer to video camera and production work, a member of PhillyCAM (a local public access network cablecasting on Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30), where I began training in the fall of 2011 but have since participated only sporadically. Read more about my involvement with PhillyCAM.

Help Wanted

I am still interested in finding a few like-minded people to join me in producing a variety of short video segments and planning for regularly scheduled shows and/or documentaries in the future. Read more about my request for help, Video Production Volunteers Wanted.

Video Learning

My last learning stint was a six-week TV Studio Production Crew Workshop (see PhillyCAM Classes) in November and December of 2012. Read more about my Video Production Learning experience at PhillyCAM.

Video Recording

In October 2012 I recorded my first session with a local singer/songwriter, Z (name withheld pending approval). Unfortunately I did not have any of my available microphones set up properly for this session, never learned enough about editing even to create a brief pilot program, and have never shared any of it publicly. Read more about my Video Recording Sessions.

Video Production Plans

As of January 2015, my plans have been on hold until I get my life in order and find time and energy again for video production. In October 2012 I began planning a project whose working title is Philly Soapbox, aiming to produce a variety of short video segments relating to my musical and community interests. I had hoped to begin work in 2013 on a project whose working title is Call Me Old-Fashioned, aiming to produce regularly scheduled shows, also relating to my musical and community interests. I was also considering, and may again consider, collaborating with a fellow PhillyCAM member on a music-related documentary. For more about my show ideas in general, see my Video Production Plans.

Focus and Potential Topics

For more specific examples of segments I would like to produce and topics I might want to incorporate, read about my Focus and Potential Topics.

My Commitment or Lack Thereof

Big plans, huh? Do I really have the time and energy to do all this? I am seeking first to spend more of my time gainfully employed, and am definitely not ready to commit full-time to video projects. But I do hope to work out a schedule that allows me to pursue these plans. Read more about my commitment or lack thereof, and my Timetable.



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