Edgar Stanistreet Unofficial Memorial



Edgar Stanistreet

27-Mar-1899 - 24-Nov-2000

Unofficial Fan Site
by Mandolin Student Dave Butler

I began writing these memorial pages on 27-Mar-2011 because ... Don't get hostile now ... Somebody had to do it.

Did you know Ed?

I would love to read and share (with your permission) your stories about Ed. Please ...

I studied with Ed

Ed Stanistreet was in his eighties when I met him. It was 1986, give or take a year, when I took up guitar and mandolin under Ed's tutelage. Read more about ...

People who knew Ed

I have found the names of a few people who knew Ed, or were connected with someone who did:

Clippings and clips about Ed

Here are a few ...

More Stories about Ed

Here are a few more ...

What I learned from Ed

This will be a long story by the time I'm finished. It's one that I've been rolling around in my mind for many years, but most of it exists only in my mind. Here is a brief preview:

My Blog and Video Documentary Plans

My longer stories are yet to come. As I write it is already February of 2015 and I still have not launched my long-in-the-works blog about what I learned from Edgar Stanistreet about arranging and playing music. I do expect that to happen before many more months have passed. I plan to publish my own arrangements of songs, with fingering diagrams of melodic chord progressions that illustrate Ed's methods as I have come to understand them.

And one of these days, I hope to learn how to edit video and get some productions on the air or at least on the web. Probably the blog will come first.



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