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Written January 2008, links updated November 2012

Dave Butler's work with a new Technology in Art program at Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR): Are you intimidated by computer electronics but interested in building interactive installations or sculptures?

Some local artists have begun offering classes at NTR intended for non-technical folks - artists, inventors, craftspeople.

Are you intimidated by computers, electronics, and programming, but interested in building interactive installations, or sculptures?

Are you looking for an easy way to control multimedia elements for a performance or event?

Are you curious about physical computing, animatronics, or micro-controllers and want to learn in a beginner friendly environment?

NTR's new Technology in Art program is a collaboration with a small group of local artists called The Hacktory. The Microcontroller Classes use an Arduino circuit board and introduce basics of the Arduino programming language.

The Hacktory is a small group of MakePhilly members that joined last year in an effort to promote the use of technology in the arts. The Hacktory is carving out a space for its activities at NTR, building an Art Tech Workshop, building tools for the Workshop - such as a vacuum former - and planning to buy other tools such as a 3-D printer.

The Hacktory met recently w Klein Gallery reps, are planning to collaborate w Dr. Slavko Milekic of the University of the Arts (UARTS) on an exhibit demonstrating the eye-tracking device Vanja describes in his Hacktory blog [link not found].

MakePhilly began in 2005 with support from UARTS, and now has more than 200 members. MakePhilly holds monthly meetings, often attended by 50 or more, which include presentations about technologies and skills such as nanotechnology, brazing, soldering and BEAM robotics. And every month there is a "Maker Challenge." In a couple of hours, everybody tries to build something to meet the challenge. MakePhilly's description of its members is an apt description of The Hacktory as well: "We are artists and engineers; DIY'ers [do-it-yourself-ers] and DIY wannabe's; geeks and visionaries. We're new. We're fresh. We're excited. We're excitable. We're here to create. We are Makers."

Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR) has been accepting donations of used computers since 1996 and refurbishing them for distribution to community organizations and individuals in the Philadelphia area. NTR accepts donations of all types of computer-related equipment and other electronic components.

Gifts from local foundations and companies allow NTR to provide more than 300 schoolchildren every year with a free computer to take home, including free Internet dial-up service. Refurbished computers, computer parts and devices are available to the public through our Computer Thrift Store.


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Written January 2008, links updated November 2012



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