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My new place

My current web address is

Here you can find my latest pages about video, music and more.

My old web address

Before I moved into my new web home at, my most recent web address had been (formerly at That site, Dave Butler's Rainforest Cottage at Geocities is now at

That site is mostly out-of-date, but my Band-in-a-Box and MIDI music sequencing files from 1996 may still be of interest to some. They are available from the dbut midi page at

My 1998 tribute to my late father is Goodbye Mr. Magic Man! at This site includes his résumé and some brief selections from his writing.

Older web addresses

My Geocities page was originally hosted at, which was bought up by Yahoo and eventually phased out. My geocities address was originally then changed to

My first web site at Voicenet is where I posted my MIDI and other music files in 1996.



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