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Most of my video production ideas involve either musical performances and/or community-related narratives. I expect my short video productions to include many of the same ideas that I would want to include in the regularly-scheduled shows and documentaries that might follow.

Old-Fashioned Music

I am an amateur musician who has been learning how to play the mandolin for over 20 years. Many of my favorite tunes and styles are over a century in age, or at least date back to my distant youth. I love the traditional folk music of the American South, including the "hillbilly" style that preceded country / western and bluegrass, as well as revival hymns and the Devil's music, jazz and blues. Topical songs, both new and old, are a particular interest. Read more about my interests in Music, including my 1996 MIDI sequences.

Local Singer-Songwriters and Other Performers

In addition to showcasing my own meager talents, I hope to provide a window on the activities of local singer-songwriters and other performers.

Old-Fashioned Values

Over the past 25 years I have been an occasional political activist and a community activist on a more regular basis. In early 2012, and from 2001 until 2008, I worked as a Development Associate for Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR), where I had worked off and on since I first volunteered there in 1996. As a Development Associate and sometime Technical Support Specialist, I helped prepare grant proposals to allow NTR to provide local students from low-income households with refurbished, Internet-ready computers and Internet service, at no cost to recipients.

Community Issues and Organizations

I would like to interview some of the folks I've met as staff, volunteers and community members affiliated with local organizations, maybe including political advocacy groups and historical societies. I might ask my guests to say a few words about their organizations, their causes and upcoming events in their communities.



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