Video Production Plans

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I have a lot of ideas for videos I would like to produce, most of which involve either musical performances or community-related narratives. Maybe both. Read more about my Focus and Potential Topics.

Brief Video Segments

In October 2012 I began planning a project whose working title is Philly Soapbox, aiming to produce a variety of short video segments relating to my musical and community interests. Read about my Philly Soapbox plans.

Regularly-Scheduled Shows

I hope to begin work in 2013 on a project whose working title is Call Me Old-Fashioned, aiming to produce regularly scheduled shows, also relating to my musical and community interests. I expect that some segments recorded initially for Philly Soapbox may find their way into the show. Read about my Call Me Old-Fashioned plans.


I am considering collaborating with a fellow PhillyCAM member on one or more music-related documentaries. Read about my Documentary Plans.

My Timetable

How much time and energy do I expect to commit to video productions at PhillyCAM? I am not sure. Definitely not full-time. Read more about my commitment or lack thereof, and my Timetable.



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