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Philly Community Access Media

PhillyCAM is Philadelphia Community Access Media, Philly's public access television, cablecast on Comcast 66/966 & Verizon 29/30.

My Involvement with PhillyCAM

I became a PhillyCAM member in 2011, and put in a few hours as a volunteer before starting training. In addition to membership fees ($25/year), I have so far shelled out $150 in workshop fees ($75 per workshop series of 6 2-hour sessions), and received one workshop series at no charge, thanks to my brief stint as a volunteer. I'm now qualified to borrow (at no charge!) PhillyCAM's field recording equipment, including video camera, tripod, various wireless microphones and lighting. I'm also entitled to use, at no charge, PhillyCAM's computer media lab, including Final Cut Pro video editing software. As I continue to learn, I expect to work on studio productions and to qualify to use more advanced equipment

PhillyCAM Membership Benefits

To individuals like me, PhillyCAM membership provides opportunities to learn and to produce your own videos for local cablecast and internet distribution.

To organizations, PhillyCAM membership provides opportunities for your organization to do outreach in video form, including public service announcements and documentaries, for local cablecast and internet distribution, and to offer learning opportunities to members of your staff and community.

But don't take my word for it! Here's the straight scoop from PhillyCAM on Getting Involved.



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