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PhillyCAM Community Access Media

PhillyCAM is Philadelphia Community Access Media, Philly's public access television, cablecast on Comcast 66/966 & Verizon 29/30. Read about my involvement with PhillyCAM.

Starting Out at PhillyCAM

I became a PhillyCAM member in 2011, and put in a few hours as a volunteer before starting training. What led me to get involved? Here's how I answered that question when PhillyCAM honored me in 2011 as its October Member of the Month.

Camera Workshop

I completed the Intro to Digital Video Production workshop (see PhillyCAM Classes) in the fall of 2011, and passed the qualifying test enabling me to borrow (at no charge!) PhillyCAM's field recording equipment, including video camera, tripod, various wireless microphones and lighting.

Past Video Shoots

Soon after qualifying to borrow PhillyCAM's field recording equipment, I did a Homeless Memorial Day shoot in December 2011 for which X (name withheld pending approval) was my camera-person. Read about my Video Recording Sessions.

Editing Software Workshop

I completed the Intro to Final Cut Pro video editing workshop (see PhillyCAM Classes) in the spring of 2012, and passed the qualifying test enabling me to use PhillyCAM's video editing resources, including digital video editing Mac workstations equipped with Final Cut Pro.

Future Recording Plans

In November 2012, I wrote that I need to get more practice using PhillyCAM's field recording equipment. As of January 2015, my plans have been on hold, but I do hope some day to get back to producing videos. I had planned to borrow equipment two or three times a month to do recordings in the field, and also to schedule some recording sessions at PhillyCAM, probably on weekday afternoons.

PhillyCAM TV Crew Workshop

I completed a six-week TV Studio Production Crew Workshop (see PhillyCAM Classes) in November and December of 2012, and afterward participated in a couple of studio productions before disappearing from the scene.



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