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Brief Video Segments

In October 2012 I began planning a project whose working title is Philly Soapbox, aiming to produce a variety of short video segments for local cablecast and internet distribution on PhillyCAM.

Musical Performances

I have recorded a couple of sessions that included singing and playing by a local singer-songwriter-guitarist and me, performing separately and together. I hope to schedule sessions with other local musicians, including several friends.


I would also like to include a number of community-related narratives, and possibly tie in musical performances. For example, I would like to edit some unreleased video from the Homeless Memorial Day event at which I recorded in December of 2011, and try to put together a brief segment or two to air around the time of a future Homeless Memorial Day event, or to help promote a similar event. I might try to gather a small crew to help me interview some of the folks I met at that 2011 event, and possibly to record at a future homeless advocacy event. The 2011 event featured a local singer-songwriter singing a topical song he had written, but the audio quality in my recording was poor. I would like to invite him to record that song again.

Field Recording

I envision doing most of my recordings in the field, in private and public venues, outdoors as well as indoors. I don't expect to be using extra-high-quality microphones, cameras or lighting of my own, but will aim to learn enough to produce recordings suitable for broadcast using equipment borrowed from PhillyCAM, performers, venues or crew members.

Studio Recording

I might use a small studio at PhillyCAM to produce some segments, even if most of my recordings are done in the field.


Most of my video production ideas involve musical performances and/or community-related narratives. Read more about my Focus and Potential Topics.

My Timetable

How much time and energy do I expect to commit to video productions at PhillyCAM? I am not sure. Definitely not full-time. Read more about my commitment or lack thereof, and my Timetable.



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