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December 2011 Homeless Memorial Day

Ater I completed the Intro to Digital Video Production workshop (see PhillyCAM Classes), in fall of 2011, I first borrowed PhillyCAM's field recording equipment on 21-Dec to cover an event planned by Cheri Honkala, with help from X (name withheld pending approval) who operated the camera. We missed Cheri's noon-time event but caught up with here later at a Homeless Memorial Day event. For this shoot we used one video camera (Canon VIXIA), tripod, various wireless microphones, but no lighting. In November 2012, I  finally began editing raw video from this event, and had hoped to use some of it in one or more short segments to air before long. As of January 2015, those plans are still on hold.

Information Advocates Conference

My second video shoot using PhillyCAM equipment was in May 2012, when I was working for Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR). I helped to cover an Information Advocates conference sponsored by NTR. After learning that X (name withheld pending approval) was planning to cover the conference, I decided to borrow a second camera to help cover the event. One of the presenters, PhillyCAM member Y (name withheld pending approval), also wielded cameras during the event. I still have raw video from this event, but dropped my plans to edit it when I was laid off from NTR shortly after the conference.

Musical Sessions

On my third shoot using PhillyCAM equipment, I recorded myself playing mandolin and singing at home, along with a local singer-songwriter, Z (name withheld pending approval). I plan additional music sessions both in the field and at PhillyCAM. Read more about my Video Production Plans.



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